Private Sub EditGrid(dataGrid1 As DataGrid)
        ' Get the selected row and column through the CurrentCell.
Dim colNum As Integer
Dim rowNum As Integer
        colNum = dataGrid1.CurrentCell.ColumnNumber
        rowNum = dataGrid1.CurrentCell.RowNumber
        ' Get the selected DataGridColumnStyle.
Dim dgCol As DataGridColumnStyle
        dgCol = dataGrid1.TableStyles(0).GridColumnStyles(colNum)
        ' Invoke the BeginEdit method to see if editing can begin.
If dataGrid1.BeginEdit(dgCol, rowNum) Then
            ' Edit row value. Get the DataTable and selected row.
Dim myTable As DataTable
Dim myRow As DataRow
            ' Assuming the DataGrid is bound to a DataTable.
            myTable = CType(dataGrid1.DataSource, DataTable)
            myRow = myTable.Rows(rowNum)
            ' Invoke the Row object's BeginEdit method.
            myRow(colNum) = "New Value"
            ' You must accept changes on both DataRow and DataTable.
            dataGrid1.EndEdit(dgCol, rowNum, False)
            Console.WriteLine("BeginEdit failed")
End If
End Sub 'EditGrid