• Independent Validation and Testing Services

    Independent testing and validation ensures every part of the software is analyzed thoroughly in terms of functionality as well as feasibility
  • Architecture Designing

    Architecture design service provided by Exforsys gives an elaborate blueprint for retrieving complex data from the database. Architecture designing broadly falls under three main categories:
  • Training and Mentoring

    Exforsys delivers ERP Training and Mentoring directly to the client’s staff for perfect execution of its project. Exforsys plays a vital role as experienced mentoring professionals on project execution.
  • Support and Maintenance Solutions

    Maintenance and support are the key factors for the smooth functioning of ERP solutions. ERP maintenance and support solutions provided by Exforsys are not only efficient but also affordable.
  • ERP Solutions

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the central hub of the company where one can access all the data pertaining to business transactions

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  • SAP HANA Training
  • SAP HANA Implementation
  • SAP HANA Custom Development
  • SAP Consulting, Staffing and SAP Solutions
  • BI and Analytics
  • The Art of Managing Seminar Audience

    Talking to a person you do not know can be tough. Many people feel nervous with these encounters. However, speaking in front of an audience can be especially overwhelming that perhaps everyone who has tried holding a seminar for the first time has felt very anxious about it. Yet similar to learning how to ride a bike, it may seem impossible at first and you may even find yourself extremely scared at this prospect but eventually, you will learn to get used to it and you will be able to deal with the audience with much ease. Conquering Your Fear…

    Seminar Visual Aids

    Visual aids have long been regarded as a staple in most public speaking endeavors. When making a presentation during a business meeting, giving a speech, or even when holding seminars, the use of visual aids is commonly employed. There are two main functions of a visual aid: it helps the audience understand your message better. it keeps them interested. Learners can be visual, auditory, or even kinesthetic learners, which is why effective seminars always take into consideration these three aspects. By making use of visual aids during your seminar, you will be able to address the three channels of learning….

    Seminar Presentation Skills

    A large part of your success as a seminar facilitator lies in your presentation skills. Because presentation is crucial in every seminar, you should therefore endeavor to learn these skills and never step up that podium without even bothering to understand the things you need to do in order to become an effective facilitator. Seminar Presentation requires proper planning and extensive preparation. How well are you able to communicate with the audience? Are you able to effectively deliver your thoughts and ideas towards them? Are you able to keep them interested that they do not even want to move or…

    How to Facilitate a Seminar

    For a seasoned seminar facilitator, conducting a seminar is not a big deal. After all, they probably conduct seminars at least once a month that they are no longer intimidated by the thought of speaking in front of a big audience. However, for a neophyte, facilitating a seminar can be so terrifying that the thought of it would even trigger anxiety attacks. This article will provide you with the most helpful tips to make you feel more confident and at ease when handling a seminar. Whether you are an executive tasked to conduct a seminar for your company’s employees or…

    Seminar Checklist

    Planning a seminar is similar to organizing a company event—you need to do it way ahead of time and make good use of organizational skills so that the event will be a success. Usually, a team or a committee is in charge of organizing a seminar; however, if you happen to take the role of the speaker as well as the organizer, then you need to know certain techniques that will eliminate problems and prevent things from going wrong during the scheduled event. One way to ensure that everything will be in order and go according to plan is to…

    Seminar Outline

    Preparation is key to a successful seminar. Even a seasoned seminar speaker would still take the time to sit down and plan things out before the event. As someone who will conduct a seminar in front of 10, 100, or even more participants, you cannot afford to be in front of the audience unprepared. If this is the first seminar you will handle, then it is all the more necessary to plan weeks and even months before the big day. A large chunk of the preparation phase is making the outline. This will serve as your guide in knowing what…

    How to Sell Yourself?

    When conducting a seminar, one of the first things that your participants will ask is: “Why should I listen to you?” Whether you are going to hold a one-hour seminar or a 3-day seminar, it is necessary that you are able to convince the participants to sit down, listen, try to understand what you will share with them, and keep an open mind. If you cannot do that, then every attempt you make to impart knowledge and insights to them would fail. This section focuses on the most basic and essential requirement that every seminar presenter must acknowledge and use:…

    Organizational Change Management

    The concept of organizational change management applies to organization changes such as mission change, restructuring operations, application of new technologies, major collaborations, and mergers. This kind of change in the organization requires a fundamental and radical reorientation of how the organization functions and operates. This happens when there is a provocation of external driving force such as economic crisis, fund cuts, new markets, and major increase in demand. The occurrence of organizational change has not slowed down over the last decade and will continue to increase as more and more innovations in technology have been used to drive change within…

    Organization Redesign

    It is common for organizations to realize later on that the design they have created does not seem to provide a positive impact to their purpose, or is not able to keep up with the changes. Either way, they need to make certain adjustments in their current design framework in order to thrive. This process is known as organization redesign. Importance of Organization Redesign The restructuring of an organization has become a necessity and at the same time, a powerful business strategy. It is critical to the success of a business because of how dynamic the environment is. With so…

    Organization Life Cycle

    The life cycle of an organization proposes that over a certain period of time, for-profit companies move through a predictable sequence of development. Life cycles have been the subject of extensive study over the years and these are linked to organizational growth and development studies. It has been found that organizations are similar to living beings because they have a pattern of developmental stages and are impacted largely by the circumstances of the internal and external environments. There are many frameworks used to determine the life cycle of an organization. However, the most basic, which others have based their framework…