• Independent Validation and Testing Services

    Independent testing and validation ensures every part of the software is analyzed thoroughly in terms of functionality as well as feasibility
  • Architecture Designing

    Architecture design service provided by Exforsys gives an elaborate blueprint for retrieving complex data from the database. Architecture designing broadly falls under three main categories:
  • Training and Mentoring

    Exforsys delivers ERP Training and Mentoring directly to the client’s staff for perfect execution of its project. Exforsys plays a vital role as experienced mentoring professionals on project execution.
  • Support and Maintenance Solutions

    Maintenance and support are the key factors for the smooth functioning of ERP solutions. ERP maintenance and support solutions provided by Exforsys are not only efficient but also affordable.
  • ERP Solutions

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the central hub of the company where one can access all the data pertaining to business transactions

Coming Soon : SAP BI, SAP Hana, SAP BO

  • SAP HANA Training
  • SAP HANA Implementation
  • SAP HANA Custom Development
  • SAP Consulting, Staffing and SAP Solutions
  • BI and Analytics
  • Creating a Competency Based Resume

    Your resume is your personal identification where all pertinent information about you as an applicant is reflected. Resumes are necessary documents that the recruiting team of a company will use to screen and select suitable candidates. Whether making an online or hard copy of your resume, an effective type of resume to be followed is the competency-based resume. Sometimes called functional resume, it highlights the core skills and qualifications of the individual as opposed to chronological and traditional resumes. Since you are selling your experience through your competencies in a job application process, you must capture the employer’s attention and…

    Identifying the Competencies of a Potential Employer Needs

    One of the crucial stages in getting the right candidates for the company is the recruitment process. That is why during this stage, potential candidates are carefully screened and assessed before they are considered for the job. Aside from experience and educational background, one of the basis of the recruitment team in looking for a suitable candidate is the individual’s competencies. The employer has to identify the attributes of each applicant so that they will be able to discern properly as to who deserves the position. Competency Based Interview As part of the screening and recruitment process, every job applicant…

    Competency Library – List of Core Competencies

    The screening and recruitment of potential employees, which constitute the hiring process in every company is a necessary aspect of the organizational system because this is the initial stage of employment and this is the part where strong candidates for the job are identified. It is a crucial stage since part of the company’s success relies greatly on the kind of people it employs. Every company seeks for a set of key competencies or essential skills from its candidates during the screening process. In the interview alone, the job candidate will already go through a competency interview. The individual’s answers…

    Competency Mapping – Discovering Your Core Competencies

    Companies find it easy to grow and expand with a group of competent and skilled individuals who largely contribute to its success. In many growing and successful companies, competency mapping plays a major role. The term pertains to the process of identifying the essential qualities and skills of the employees and processes within the organization. Competency mapping generally assesses two crucial areas of a working individual: emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ), and the individual’s strength or capabilities in various aspects of the organization such as leadership, decision-making, and organizational structure. This process works effectively in the aspect of recruitment,…

    How to Think Positively

    Choosing to become an optimistic person with positive thoughts and attitude is a healthy choice to make in one’s life. Positivity in our mental and emotional aspects is a habit that we can gradually master with constant practice. You might be living a life filled with negative vibes which could in turn ruin your life. Your thoughts alone can make a misery out of your life.  You may have noticed that it is easy to think of negative thoughts and consequences once you encounter hardships and problems.  Changing your perceptions and outlook into something positive will transform your individuality. It…

    Influence of Positive Thinking on Work Performance

    Work is one of the prime contributors of stress. We are also likely to get affected by people we interact with at work, the workload assigned to us by our superiors, the deadlines we are bound to meet, and many other factors. In most cases, the kind of stress we are getting from work is not healthy. It clouds our mind and diminishes our performance to great extent. However, with a positive mind, we can take control of our ability to handle stress and optimize our performance. Positive thinking implies good and healthy mental attitude. An individual’s mental attitude towards work…

    Effects of Positive Thinking on Attitude and Behavior

    We have always wanted to live a life of goodness and satisfaction. But the problem is that there are so many factors in this world that can get in the way of our ideal kind of life. However, with a positive mind, the perception we create about life will influence the final outcome. On the aspect of personality development, positive thinking creates huge impact on us. In building an admirable character, it is guaranteed to help you improve your individuality. As the cliché goes, we are only humans and are prone to every possible flaw and mistake there is in…

    Develop Positive Thinking Through Self Affirmations

    Our mind is driven by a constant flow of thoughts that direct or control the way we perceive the world; it affects our actions, and even impacts our emotions. Our thoughts are so diverse and can be so random that we are greatly affected with it. The mind is capable of making you a success or turning your life upside down. Thoughts can either be positive or negative and regardless of the kind of perception we choose to have, these thoughts are one of the crucial factors in the changes occurring in our lives. Positive thinking is very beneficial for…

    How Self Monitoring Helps Positive Thinking

    How well do you know yourself? Can you aptly describe yourself to others? At some point, you may have experienced getting confused with your own personality. We possess certain traits that we think do not perfectly describe who we really are. It is important that we regularly monitor our personal traits and behaviors and make a personal evaluation of our own selves. “Self-Monitoring” is a process that allows us to examine and keep track of our own characters so that we will be seen by other people as pleasing in personality. With self-monitoring, you watch out on your own behavior…

    How Self Esteem Can Help Positive Thinking

    The word ‘esteem’ is defined as “appreciating the value of”.  The term self-esteem means giving high regard for oneself and treating the self more importantly than anyone else regardless of cultural or personal differences. Self-esteem is synonymous to self-respect. Self-esteem is about believing that you are a valuable and worthy person not just to yourself but to other people as well. It is one important attribute that every one of us should cultivate. Our personal value is a crucial foundation of personal success. It always starts out with loving yourself and nurturing what you are capable of. Before you can…