• Independent Validation and Testing Services

    Independent testing and validation ensures every part of the software is analyzed thoroughly in terms of functionality as well as feasibility
  • Architecture Designing

    Architecture design service provided by Exforsys gives an elaborate blueprint for retrieving complex data from the database. Architecture designing broadly falls under three main categories:
  • Training and Mentoring

    Exforsys delivers ERP Training and Mentoring directly to the client’s staff for perfect execution of its project. Exforsys plays a vital role as experienced mentoring professionals on project execution.
  • Support and Maintenance Solutions

    Maintenance and support are the key factors for the smooth functioning of ERP solutions. ERP maintenance and support solutions provided by Exforsys are not only efficient but also affordable.
  • ERP Solutions

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the central hub of the company where one can access all the data pertaining to business transactions

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  • SAP HANA Training
  • SAP HANA Implementation
  • SAP HANA Custom Development
  • SAP Consulting, Staffing and SAP Solutions
  • BI and Analytics
  • Project Management Techniques

    Managing a project can be extremely challenging. Projects often require dedicated planning, and this could range from planning a wedding to constructing a house. Regardless of what project you are involved in, you will want to make use of project management techniques in order to assist you in reaching your objectives. While there are many project development techniques that you can use, the following basic techniques are extremely powerful and versatile enough to be useful for successfully managing your project. The first of these techniques is to take the time to define both the objectives of the project, as well…

    Product Development Best Practices

    Companies place high emphasis on development of products which are not only faster and superior, but also more affordable as well. A number of fresh business strategies and organizational approaches are being used by numerous companies so that they can continue to enhance their methods for product development. Efficient Product Development If a company wants to succeed in the competitive market, they must be capable of keeping up with optimal methods. Management must be able to figure out how their company stacks up with the other firms in the industry. The first step in being able to develop best practices…

    Importance of Quality Data Management

    While data is important, this is only true if that data is high in quality. Decisions made on the basis of data, if wrong, can have detrimental consequences for the organization. Your data must always remain clean, but the big problem that organizations face is that they may not have the tools to ensure clean data. It is imperative to balance data quality, time and budget which compete against each other, while ensuring the quality of the data within a time span which is limited, and on a reasonable budget. A number of methods have been developed for this purpose,…

    How to Maximize Quality Assurance

    Organizations need robust quality program in order to succeed and stay at the top. Many Quality Assurance firms have developed a variety of different programs, and they range from those that have simple step-by-step processes, to programs which are highly complex, with software and advanced charts. Some quality programs have become wildly popular in recent years, but they all function in basically the same manner. No matter what name you use for your quality assurance program, or the methodology which is associated with it, it is important to create a solid implementation plan prior to the initiation of program development….

    Utilizing Effective Quality Assurance Strategies

    Quality Assurance Should Never be Taken for Granted To enhance quality assurance for your project, there are a number of strategies that you can use. First off, every department must take the time to orient itself in a manner which allows for self study, and one which showcases a culture which is quality oriented. The organization must be capable of creating a variety of different mechanisms, and this includes both those which are internal and external. This must be done for improving quality, and some of the things that organizations will want to pay attention to include external peer reviews,…

    Difference Between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

    While both quality control and quality assurance are extremely important, they differ vastly from one another and often many are not familiar with the difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Quality control involves activities which are related to quality, and which are connected to the creation of deliverables. Quality control is used when a verification needs to be made that the deliverables are of a very high quality, and that they are totally complete. Some examples of quality control include things like peer reviews which are deliverable, as well as the testing process. Quality Assurance involves the process which…

    Determining Quality Needs for Stakeholders

    The ability to figure out the needs of your stakeholders will play a crucial role in project management. In recent years, engaging the stakeholders during social reporting has become extremely important for corporations and business organizations. At the same time, organizations must be capable of taking the time to measure the actual engagement process to properly verify and use the process result. Not only is it necessary for you to measure the needs of Stakeholders process through the usage of the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard series, which encompasses principles-based standards to help organizations become more accountable, responsible and sustainable and…

    Create a Successful Quality Management Plan

    Having a Quality Management Plan is an important foundation for any Project. Successfully implementing a quality management plan for a project is a task which requires a lot of organization. However, the benefits are well worth it, as the creation of the quality management plan and its application to any given project will give you the ability to ensure that proper quality management is being utilized. Quality management plan can be thought of as a type of document which is responsible for detailing the effectiveness of activities and practices which are available for any given product or service. It forms…

    Post-Seminar Evaluation

    By taking a post-seminar evaluation, you could significantly improve the skills and abilities needed to be an excellent seminar facilitator. You get insight on how to improve your craft, avoid potential problems, be more prepared and ready for the next event, and become even more motivated to perform well every time you conduct a seminar. The Importance of an Evaluation Conducting an evaluation of your performance when facilitating the seminar is like making a quality assessment. In order for a product to become a great product, it has to be carefully molded, developed, and tested several times to ensure that…

    Seminar Closing Notes

    At the onset of the seminar, you had aimed to provide the audience with valuable learning and information, you have presented the topics and facilitated fun and learning activities for the participants; but the challenge now is to be able to inculcate all these to everyone who attended the seminar. Such events should not be merely about presenting your topics to the audience and ensuring they understood; but it should also be geared towards motivating them to apply what they have learned during the seminar. After all the preparation and the efforts you had put in, your seminar is coming…