• Independent Validation and Testing Services

    Independent testing and validation ensures every part of the software is analyzed thoroughly in terms of functionality as well as feasibility
  • Architecture Designing

    Architecture design service provided by Exforsys gives an elaborate blueprint for retrieving complex data from the database. Architecture designing broadly falls under three main categories:
  • Training and Mentoring

    Exforsys delivers ERP Training and Mentoring directly to the client’s staff for perfect execution of its project. Exforsys plays a vital role as experienced mentoring professionals on project execution.
  • Support and Maintenance Solutions

    Maintenance and support are the key factors for the smooth functioning of ERP solutions. ERP maintenance and support solutions provided by Exforsys are not only efficient but also affordable.
  • ERP Solutions

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the central hub of the company where one can access all the data pertaining to business transactions

Coming Soon : SAP BI, SAP Hana, SAP BO

  • SAP HANA Training
  • SAP HANA Implementation
  • SAP HANA Custom Development
  • SAP Consulting, Staffing and SAP Solutions
  • BI and Analytics
  • Formal Customer Interaction

    Customer interaction encompasses the three major phases starting from the pre-sale stage to the purchase stage and finally to the post-sale or after-sale phase of the interaction. In every stage of the company’s interaction with its customers, there are various ways and means to communicate with them. It should be the nature of a business to be assertive in initiating the communication with potential and existing customers in order to facilitate interaction and build a good business relationship. Yet, a company or a business organization cannot just simply make use of any type of customer interaction. Depending on the type…

    Customer Interaction Centric Careers

    Finding a career associated with customer service and customer interaction is hardly difficult, what with the hundreds and thousands of available jobs from many customer-service based organizations and companies that jobseekers can apply for. Although all companies incorporate customer interactions in their transactions with the customers, there are certain companies that mainly utilize the competence of its employees in terms customer service skills, since the nature of the business is predominantly associated with customer interaction. What are the available careers in the field of customer interaction? What do companies look for and require from potential applicants for positions in that…

    Customer Relationship Management

    Companies and business organizations should have an organized and systematic approach to keeping its relationship with the customers. Apart from building a good business relationship, a company should also manage these customer relationships with the help of modern technology. Apparently, a structured and organized approach in dealing with any business transaction whether in person, through the phone or email is a plus to the company as it gives customers a positive impression of the way the business is dealt and managed. Many business organizations in various industry sectors now use customer relationship management tools for a smoother business transaction with…

    Learn to Exceed Your Customer Expectation

    It is said that the main goal when it comes to addressing and dealing with customers is meeting their needs. This notion is entirely true. Every company’s objective in every stage of customer interaction must be just like that. How can an establishment acquire more customers if they do not even get the answer to their questions or purchase the products they want to have? Moreover, getting their needs met is what customers expect when they engage in any business transaction. If a company falls short of their expectations, they get disappointed, upset, or unhappy, and the company would lose…

    How to Build Customer Trust and Credibility

    When customers keep coming back to make purchases or if they continue making transactions, this means that they like the product, service, or the way they are being treated. Continued business transactions means impressed and satisfied customers. However, there is a difference if they are impressed just because of the quality of the product but not the quality of customer service. In fact, a good product is a lot more saleable if these go with efficient customer service. Any customer would want to be overwhelmed with good treatment from business establishments and companies. Once a customer starts to like the…

    Tips to Impress Your Customer

    One of the major factors of a successful business organization inevitably is its customers. Customers are the lifeblood of the business and they are the reason why it exists, survives, and succeeds. As such, customers have to feel valued. When customers feel this way toward a company or a business, they are bound to stay and become loyal to the business in the long run. A customer’s first impression matters a lot to a business that highlights on giving utmost customer service. This is because a customer’s initial perception of the way a company conducts business is a contributor to…

    Tips to Handle a Rude Customer

    One of the challenges of business organizations is dealing with rude customers. Rudeness is synonymous to being sarcastic and nasty. It is a negative behavior that may spark up a heated argument or a hurtful exchange of words. In a customer service industry, any business organization will have to deal with rude customers. Such type of customers can never be avoided in any customer interaction. For one, individuals come in various personalities. There are those who tend to be rude or ill-mannered in nature. That is just how they are, even if people despise them for being like that. However,…

    Customer Miscommunications

    Communication is the exchange of ideas between a sender and a receiver. Proper and effective communication is when the sender gets the message across to the other person and common understanding is gained in the exchange of ideas. Good communication in any aspect yields to a smooth interaction of individuals. In most business organizations, especially in the customer service sector, it is used as a powerful tool in dealing with customers. Customers will be communicating in various means – phone, email, or in person. Customer service representatives should demonstrate excellent communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. This makes them easily…

    Customer Communication and Interaction Etiquettes

    Etiquettes form the foundation of a harmonious communication and interaction among individuals in just about any aspect of life. Etiquettes are cardinal rules and policies that establish an observable level of respect and courtesy from one individual to another. In many organizations and situations, etiquettes may be universal or general, rules that are set by social norms and expected to be demonstrated by everyone in any dealing. In certain instances, some rules of etiquette are customized to suit the nature of the situation. Although etiquettes have to be implemented for a smooth interaction, a well-mannered individual molded with the right…

    Post-Sale Customer Interaction Techniques

    In the stages of customer experience, the most critical is the after-sales interaction with customers. It is probably easy to attract customers during the pre-sale stage with well-prepared marketing strategies and advertising techniques, but once the customers make the transaction, the biggest challenge of every company is how to make them stay in the business. Some businesses focus more on the product and how it can be improved without realizing that customer retention is more critical. In the end, these customers will be nothing but typical buyers who continue to seek for other companies offering the same products or services…